Where is the par file for Application Interface Services (AIS) located?

Paula H

I am looking into setting up PO approvals via mobile phones for our users. I have been able to find the client install files but have not been able to find the par file for the AIS server itself. I've searched thru the install files and thru the CDs but can't find it. I did find the PARs for the html and server manager. I also searched on the Oracle eDelivery site, only found client related files there. I've searched the setup documents and everything I could find online, but found nothing referencing where the par is located. I feel like I'm missing the obvious somehow.

We no longer have support thru Oracle, so I can't utilize MySupport or updates.


E1 9.1 TR
AS/400 v7r1 DB and Enterprise Server
Weblogic HTML Server on Win 2008R2
Win 2008R2 Deployment Server


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The "earliest" one out there is for tools on the update center - that would be the only place I would think they would be.


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The AIS was available on tools It is no longer downloadable from support/change assistant and you would have to request it be made available for download. Since you are off support that can be a challenge.

You are still essentially entitled to use the software you have perpetually and that would include the AIS PAR but I don't believe Oracle is obliged to give it to you if you didn't grab it before your end of support date.

If your 9.1 installers are relatively early then the AIS was not present at that time and won't be on the CDs. You also unfortunately won't find any 9.1 related files on eDelivery anymore either
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Paula H

Thank you all for your responses. It looks like we might be out of luck. I did put in a question to the eDelivery site support, and their response confirmed that no 9.1 versions are available on eDelivery. The highest they had was, which I could request from support, if we had current support which we don't.