Where have the post numbers gone?


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JdeList Admin,

Thanks for all you do. JDEList has been very helpful to me over the years. Your site has been my rock in the ever changing world of Oracle's website. I am glad the upgrade didn't change things too much.

I did notice that the post numbers that used to be in the post headers are no longer there. I have kept track of helpful post numbers in the past and in some posts, people would refer to an older post with the post number. Is there a way to find the post numbers in the new software? It was really handy to have the numbers to search by and not try to find posts though keywords when you wanted to revisit a post.

I am hoping I just haven't found the way to view the post numbers and search by them in the new software.

JDEList Admin,

Not only are the post numbers not visible on the post (header line), but there appears to be no way to search by post number.
JDEList Admin,

... and I suspect that the post numbers may have changed (new posts numbers being approximately 13000 less than prior to the upgrade). I am also wondering if there is now a thread number as well as, and different to, the post number.
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