E9.1 Where do I find the alpha string for the IMPRP4 code?



This is my first post! Apologies if this isn't the right sub-forum.

I'm trying to figure out how to find the text string that corresponds to IMPRP4 in F4101 in the database. I am not a regular user of JDE, and haven't had any development training. I've just been able to do some simple queries via SQL with the tables I've been able to identify. Does anyone know where this piece of data lives? Even better, could anyone point me to a "map" that shows how to locate any field on a JDE screen with the corresponding location in the database?

This is a UDC (user-defined code) value, and the list of valid values are stored in the xxxxCTL.F0005 table. This table has values for many different sets of codes, so you have to use the values in fields SY and RT to get the valid list of values for that particular code list. For PRP4, if you click on the visual assist for that field, it will bring up the UDC code list. Get the SY and RT values from the header on that form, and then the PRP4 value is used as the KY value to retrieve that specific code's record. The associated description is returned in the DL01 field, and if a 2nd line of description exists, it is in the DL02 field.

Don is correct above. If you need this value in a form screen, just take the Associate Description option in FDA. This is also in UBEs too in RDA
As for code, you need to do what Don says