Where are stored the codes from RDA-FDA "Validate Event Rule"?


Hi, i'm looking for some of the codes of the Validate Event Rules from RDA and FDA. Im talking the messenges from the log:

/* CER ERROR #3005 : Unable to fetch DS template items */
/* CER ERROR #3032 : Invalid Form Business View Id */
/* CER ERROR #3007 : Invalid datastructure or member */
/* CER ERROR #3003 : Unable to assign to data structure */

I dont know how validate ER works internally, and i think this messages have an structure stored somewhere in JDE. Maybe is a function in RDA.exe, but it have a connection with JDE.

Im trying to see all the codes to identify them and add a this function to a "massive object get".

Thank you for reading.

Im looking for something like this, but for RDA and FDA. Every CER ERROR listed, but in this page is only for NER.
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