When to upload Custom Table in E1 in AS400


We are in E1 8.11 in AS400 series 7

I created two new custom table in my DV fat client. I created them using OMW and table operations. I generated the tables and index with table operations.

We have an external CNC. Now I need to request to CNC to generated the table in web.

By using AS400 command WRKF, DSPFFD, DSPPFM and UTB, I saw that the tables were created OK.

I upload a few records in each table using the Microsoft Excel Data Transfer-to-iSeries Server Add-in.

My questions:

Where I must request the CNC to generate the tables in WEB?

1 - Before I upload then information from Excel. In other just an empty tables
2- After I upload all the information into the custom table.

I had done development for some time. I forgot this.

Thank you

The web generation of the table only provides access to the table so it doesn't matter if there is data in the table or not when it is web generated.
I would say that the easy answer is to request a package build/deploy that includes your new table.
After you generate the table & index in DV you will have to ask for build which will deploy the specs to all machines. Remember you will have to generate the tables & index manually when you move them in other environment if your CNC is not taking care of it, which normally is the case in most of the companies.