When to upload Custom Table in E1 in AS400


We are in E1 8.11 in AS400 series 7

I created two new custom table in my DV fat client. I created them using OMW and table operations. I generated the tables and index with table operations.

We have an external CNC. Now I need to request to CNC to generated the table in web.

By using AS400 command WRKF, DSPFFD, DSPPFM and UTB, I saw that the tables were created OK.

I upload a few records in each table using the Microsoft Excel Data Transfer-to-iSeries Server Add-in.

My questions:

Where I must request the CNC to generate the tables in WEB?

1 - Before I upload then information from Excel. In other just an empty tables
2- After I upload all the information into the custom table.

I had done development for some time. I forgot this.

Thank you

Chan Rana

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After you generate the table & index in DV you will have to ask for build which will deploy the specs to all machines. Remember you will have to generate the tables & index manually when you move them in other environment if your CNC is not taking care of it, which normally is the case in most of the companies.