When does a queued Job get it's PO values


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Hi list

When launching a UBE, I know that runtime data selection and sequencing travel with the job in the blob on F986110....but............

So if a UBE is queued behind other jobs, when does the UBE go off and get the PO values for that UBEVERS.

1) the instant when it's submitted

2) the instant it actually becomes active on a thread

I'm guessing no 1 but I am not sure. No1 is safer as users can change PO values and then affect the queued job incorrectly.




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The POs are stored from what the user entered at submission time into the F986110 blob and 'travel with' with UBE.

From WSJ, the parsed POs can be seen as text in the "Execution Detail" row exit, off the PO tab.