What's the big announcements out of Collaborate?


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They told World customers that their current release is their last, so I'm not so sure about a 9.3 for E1.

That makes sense. And explains why John Schiff left Oracle when he did. But that alone doesn't necessarily mean that E1 isn't getting a 9.3 release - as the releases haven't co-existed since Xe. But the fact they have extended support for 10 years might explain it. However, theres still a lot of ESU's getting published for 9.2 - and they always have the ability to add functionality as an ASU....


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One way to take this though is a "de-emphasis" by Oracle on the JD Edwards Applications.
They're not stopping support. They're not killing the product. But ... less money is going into enhancements, etc.
After all - Larry's boats cost a lot of money ;-)


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I actually came across this link :

http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/tec...upport and Continuous Delivery April 2017.pdf

It specifically states what we always thought would end up happening back with the 9.0 release - that Oracle wants to deliver enhancements in a modular style to the base product, instead of delivering "large big-bang" upgrades. Because we're at the beginning of the 9.2 release still, its concerning to many to not see a "9.3" release planned - but I think it makes sense if Oracle delivers new functionality in an ASU type methodology, bug-fixes using ESU's and new product support using the Tools Releases. Oracle seems to be making the move to align with customers as far as upgrades are concerned - customers hate upgrading !

So the lesson here is "get to 9.2" - you'll be on it for a long time. There won't be any fire-hose upgrades pointed at the user community, and the product will still be enhanced and new functionality will be delivered. This is actually a very good message - it just seems it kind of got lost in the delivery at Collaborate I guess. It doesn't help that "competitor" forces are trying to muddle the message by claiming Oracles move to this model is indicative of them "killing" the product.

When TR9.2.1.2 got released this past week - it absolutely underlines commitment from Oracle that they're still introducing features to EnterpriseOne. They've introduced the first package of new features to functionality, and I think thats a major step from the past. Their roadmap has significantly changed, and I'm encouraged by it.

So, it was a little nervous to see "no more planned versions" - but after digging deeper, its actually one of the best messages that EnterpriseOne has had for a while.


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For me, this was my impression or "take away" from Collaborate. It didn't really seem surprising to me that 9.3 wasn't announced. It really seemed to me that they want to transition more to a continuous release model. They are putting effort into making upgrading less painful (there is only so much they can do on that though IMO). They want you on 9.2 and they want you staying current on ESUs. There were plenty of sessions that repeatedly stressed the importance of staying current and continually taking ESUs.