What is the best procedure to do Inventory Issue for hundreds of items per day



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I am on implementation of Inventory module.
We have set up every thing and it is working fine.
But the scenario is little bit difficult.

The store receives fifty inventory requests ( customized, and entered in P4310) per day, and it may have tens of line. So the total line increases to five hundreds per day.

Is JDE is applicable or feasible in this scenario? The main reason is that, Finance department needs this kind of issues directly entered to G/L instead of manual journal entries.


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Rauf, the G/L will be affected by how you setup your accounting instructions and how you receive inventory. You can auto matically receive stock items using the Z tables in batch. I'm a little unclear from your message if you are looking to receive non-stock items via the procurement module. If you are, then simply use the J line type, setup auto receipt program and match process.