What is "sendCnvMsgToMetadataServer"


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Hi All,

I'm looking through some server log, searching for timing gaps. I see a lot of "sendCnvMsgToMetadataServer" messages. The actual text line of the log looks similar to:

* 0.016512 secs: TOP LEVEL : Jan 30 16:45:33.434792 SpecCnvrt.c1903 - 17722/89 MAIN_THREAD
METADATA - Using Environment [JQA910] for user [UserID] in sendCnvMsgToMetadataServer()

My key questions
- SpecConvert - is there a conversion of the spec happening that is not necessary (perhaps 32bit to 64bit or vice versa)
- Is this normal? I've looked at Performance Workbench reports for years, just never noticed this line or the quantity of them, before.




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Yes - appears normal. Just looking for Confirmation that it 'is' normal.


And - we are looking to resolve Mutex Issues with Metadata Kernel (still).

When I run Performance Workbench, the highest return in caps are this process (all told, average over .015ms each).

Any suggestions on how to make this conversion 'quicker'?
- Move to 64bit Metadata Kernels
- Move Something to better memory?
- Something we haven't even considered?



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I believe what you are seeing are calls to the Metadata Kernel. The main responsibility of the Metadata kernel is converting specs from XML format back to the old TAM format. This happens whenever the Enterprise server needs access to table or report specs. I would expect to see more calls immediately after a package deployment. I believe this is a java based kernel, so if you want to see exactly what this kernel process is doing you should be able to setup debug in the jdelog.properties file. As for the version of java, I believe it is using the jre shipped with the version of tools that you are running.