Websphere vs Weblogic, Which better with JDE?


Hi, We have JD Edwards 8.98 running with websphere 6.1 as web serverand and we will upgrade to JDE 9.1. Also, we need to upgrade web server, which better: WAS 7-8 or Weblogic??

We need help and why?


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Only because its owned by Oracle, and so is JDE.

As for the performance and maintenance differences between Websphere and WLS - I don't think there really are any. JDE is really the "lower" common denominator - and neither Websphere or WLS are being truly taken advantage of by JDE code.

WLS is the direction for Fusion Middleware - so if you are implementing integration using FMW or Oracle SOA Suite - then you'll be utilizing WLS no matter what.

Also - if you are using Agile/Primavera/Demantra or any other Oracle owned product - theres a very, very good chance that you'll have to implement WLS for those too. Even Oracle Application Testing Suite uses WLS.

BUT - are you licensed for it ?! Websphere is a part of the blue stack, and if you have the old Technology Foundation "blue stack" - you need to upgrade (blue stack expired). If you own Websphere licenses and not bluestack - then switching to WLS might be a very expensive proposition.

Oracle Technology Foundation can be a very expensive option if you don't already own it. Check with your friendly Oracle representative...