websphere 3.5.4 cant create web app


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Hi list,

Has anyone found this problem with Websphere 3.5 for the JAS server :-

Going through the motions of configuring the Websphere components,
create an application server OK and a servlet engine for the application
server but then try to create a web application under this servlet
engine and error message given 'you must create a servlet engine first'
(but there IS a servlet engine !)

Anyone seen this ?

Websphere 3.5 PTF4 on NT4 SP6 SQLSvr7 OW Xe SP16

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Andy Smith
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I had the same problem with WebSphere fixed pack 4. I reloaded with fixed
pack 3 and there is no problem now. I also noticed that the entry screens
for fixed pack 4 is different from fixed pack 3, especially the "Advanced"
tabs. There may be some different parameters for OneWorld. Has anyone had
a chance to report this anomaly to JDE yet?

Wilfred Lee
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