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We are in the process of upgrading to JDE E1 We currently run Websphere, but installed Weblogic on a Windows server to evaluate performance. I then found out that we would need a license to use the product and that it was very expensive.

Are there features in JDE that will not work using Websphere that would push us toward using Weblogic?

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you.


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Both Websphere and Weblogic are supported by JDE and I suspect will be for quite a long time. IBM has always been a solid part of the JDE community.
That being said, you said that you currently run Websphere - are you happy with Websphere? If so, then it might be best to stick with Websphere. If, however, you are not happy with Websphere or you are planning on buying the Oracle E1 Technology Foundation (aka "Red Stack"), then it might make sense to look at Weblogic (which is included in the Red Stack). You'll also want to evaluate the total cost of ownership, including any purchase cost, annual maintenance and also any training required - to help you make your final decision.


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Cannot say the we are unhappy. We currently run an all-in-one on AS400 system. Was checking to see if putting the web piece on a separate server might give better performance. It actually seems to be a little slower.

I was checking because i had someone suggest that some new features of UX or OneView reporting might not work if we were not running Weblogic. I do not have a good enough understanding of where everything runs to know if this is the case.

Thanks again.

Chan Rana

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Major driving factor would be license & support. We are also on Websphere but haven't seen any feature that would not be available vs WLS in E1

I would recommend you that you move to WAS 8.0 from 7 as it has much better features and performance improvements specially for garbage collection and memory management.

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