WebLogic Virus exclude list


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Does anyone have a list of directories you use to exclude virus checking on your WLS and E1 (Tools 8.98 & 9.1). We have implemented checking and performance is adversely impacted.

We are also rolling out Localizations at the same time, does anyone know if localizations impact performance for people that aren't using them?



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This is the Oracle response.................

Anti virus software scans data (depending on its configuration) that is transmitted and received over the network including data from the Enterprise and Deployment Servers, therefore performance degradation will occur for applications such as EnterpriseOne.

Anti-Virus software should be disabled during the package build process, and also during the client installation. It will slow the process and in some cases can prevent a successful completion of a package or install.

We have noted problems with "Trend" antivirus software, however most major Antivirus softwares (Ex: Norton, McAfee, Virex, etc.) will work with EnterpriseOne. McAfee seems to be the most popular with customers running EnterpriseOne.

We do not have any documentation stating what directories need to be excluded from being scanned.
We do not certify, validate or test any anti-virus software for compatibility or functionality with EnterpriseOne.