Weblogic instances as a Windows Service


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Hi, customer is using WebLogic 11g - on a windows platform and wants to set up their managed services as a windows service which is fair enough. They have one Domain and several managed servers. I know you can set-up Node Manager and Admin Server to be windows services but can you have Node Manger/Admin Server and managed instances to be windows services. They want to ensure that the managed servers come up automatically when the Windows server gets a reboot. What I'm really looking for is the best way to achieve this while maintaining the integrity of Admin Server and Node Manager so that when services are up, Node manager is still monitoring managed instances.

My understanding is that you create a machine where you have node manager running and all your managed servers (I know you can have more than machine/associated managed instances - there's no clustering required also), surely you can them create Node Manager as a windows service so that when the windows server is rebooted the Node manager starts and then subsequently starts all the Managed servers.

I know this sounds probably more complicate than it is to more experienced guys on WebLogic - I'm just trying to find the best way to achieve what they want. Any help/links would be greatly appreciated,

I'm sorry this took so long to respond to - I only just saw this post.

Yes, you can start all servers automatically off the Nodemanager and relatively simply too. Too many CNC people try to "script" the startup - but I don't see the point, especially when the nodemanager needs to be started AND is there specifically available to script whatever WLS servers you want to start up !

Heres the method :

1. Install Nodemanager as a service (look for "installNodeMgrSvc.cmd")
2. Modify the Nodemanager.properties and set
3. Make sure Nodemanager is running
4. Start the Adminserver manually
5. Connect to the AdminServer using WLST
6. NMEnroll the AdminServer to the Nodemanager Home
7. Kill the manually started AdminServer
8. Stop the Nodemanager
9. Start the Nodemanager
10. Connect using WLST to the Nodemanager
11. Perform start the AdminServer under the Nodemanager using "nmStart ('AdminServer')"

AdminServer should now automatically start up with the Nodemanager at this point. Now, each JDE Instance that was "running" under the adminserver will restart on a reboot.
Hi Jon,

Thank you for sharing details steps.
we have WL 12.3.1 installed on Linux server with single domain( base_domain ), used for JDE HTML/URL. earlier i thought of creating new domain for BSSV, since not enough documents from oracle support, i ended in messing up weblogic installation. i had uninstalled it. and installed again , now in the same domain have created BSSV container (created one more managed server for BSSV).
my questions are:
during the creation of new domain , which options we need to select?(only managed server , node manager or just as fresh installation )and what are the port numbers we have to give(1st base_domain installation already has default ports for example 7001 admin console port)

Once the installation done. admin server (console ) going down abruptly. so we need to start it manually from the scripts. / domains/base_domain/bin ./startWeblogic.sh and ./startNodeManager.sh . is there any way to fix this ?
Please provide your suggestions.

Thank you in advance.