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Web Services in JDE E1 Tools Release 8.96.40


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As far as I know, E1 Tools Release 8.96.40 does not support consuming web services. And we are stuck with this version.
I have couple of ideas for automation and it needs web services.

So is it a good idea to write the automation logic in Microsoft .NET and use foreign tables to communicate with JDE ?


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What is you are trying to do achieve first?

Consume a service or wake up a service in from outside of E1?

You could write records to F986113 and wakeup a subsystem in E1???? Once you done that, the UBE can go to do all manner of stuff


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For example, I can query status of my resident identity thru government web service like GetIDStatus(1234567890). I can call this web service from a .NET application.

Right now, one dedicated person is updating the record for all employees by downloading from government site in Excel format and upload to JDE.
I need to (fully) automate this using some scheduler application.

But how can I do this in JDE E1 TR 8.96.40 ?
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Ok so you want .NET to call E1 and for E1 to give you answer back...but not by using BSSV

I wouldn't know how to do that, so maybe someone a bit brighter and knowledgeable of your toolset than me can chip in :)


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I'm not fully clear on the flow of information in your scenario, but the .NET code could call JDE (to update the employee) using XML call object.



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LynX is a great tool.

Please let me make you more easy to understand:

1. User1 log in to government web site using credentials ( like www.abc.gov)
2. User1 download Excel having information regarding employee government ID.
3. User1 log in to JDE using JDE credentials
4. User1 access custom application and upload the content of the Excel to some temporary custom Z file
5. User1 run update report to spread the information to different custom tables.

As we see, all the steps are manual and it needs one dedicated HR personal to update the information on daily basis.

Now, what I'm trying to achieve is:
1. In a scheduler (either in JDE or in .NET), I will create one client service to query the government ID information by calling web service provided by the government.
2. Once the government web service returns information, the client service will upload the information to JDE table.

So the whole manual steps will be automated.

I'm aware that this requirement can be done thru .NET, but I was thinking whether it can be done thru JDE TR 8.96.40
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If the process calls a web service, then your selection of data formats probably includes CSV and or XML, aside from Excel format. If that premise is true...

Then you should be able to code a .NET process to do step 1 and 2. If you want JDE to manage the process, have JDE call the .NET process by calling the BSFN to process an OS-level command.

You don't need step 3. Just have step 2 park the file somewhere that JDE can grab when JDE wants to. The process can be asynch. JDE processes the downloaded data when it is present at the time and place JDE expects it to be. And if you want, you can even name the files using something unique like timestamps. That way, the download process is independent of the data processing process below.

For step 4... If the .NET process grabbed a CSV, then a Table Conversion UBE will be able to populate the custom files. If the .NET process grabbed a XML, JDE TR 8.96 has SAX APIs that you can call to parse the XML using a combination custom BSFNs called by custom UBEs, and then use the parsed data to populate the custom files.

Then step 4 can launch step 5 when it is done.

If you're not familiar with the JDE APIs, the entire TR8.96 documentation is available for free at https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B31038_01/jded/html/docset.html

You can read about the SAX APIs from the "APIs and Business Functions Guide".