Web server session Persitence

Chan Rana

Chan Rana

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We have load balanced JDE Web servers on IBM Websphere 7.0 on E1 9.0 TR During testing I found that the user would be kicked out if server he is working goes offline. I am evaluating options to manage session persistence to prevent user from loosing his session and is moved to active server if one goes offline.
Can you share your experience on best methods for session persistence on Websphere and experience/feedback?.

I don't think this is a good idea.

Usually this isn't necessarily an issue - load-balancing web servers means that there are always web servers available if one goes down. It doesn't guarantee that a session will continue to run if a web server goes down.

For that, you have to look at clustering. And your price just went up ten to twentyfold.

Heres the thing, if a user is in a session and the webserver goes down - then without clustering, the user just gets sent back to a login screen, and has to re-enter that last order (etc). How much of an impact to your companies business is that ? If your business states its a major impact - then they should have the cost to the business to justify the massive increase in spending to set up clustering to ensure 100% guaranteed sessions. And, of course, nothing is 100% guaranteed uptime.

For the largest implementations on the planet, I've never had to implement clustering for JDE HTML servers. I have had to implement clustering for SOA transactions, but that would be expected. Within JDE HTML, a transaction either completes or fails.

Remember, under "fat" clients on Citrix, we never had the ability to "guarantee" sessions either.

BUT, if you DO manage to set up full clustering with JDE HTML on Websphere, let us know how you did it ! Maybe you can present that at Collaborate next year !!!! Good luck !