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Hi List,

here is another problem for the WEB specialists:

we are about to go live on Xe under AIX, with two AIX web servers. We have Websphere 3.5 installed. Here is our problem: whenever we run one of these applications, P43250, P42117, P31123 , the Websphere application resets itself on the server. That´s it, we call any of these apps from the HTML client´s FAST PATH, hit find, and there goes our Websphere server.
We are still doing the setup necessary to try in Pristine. The problem has been with JDE Global Customers Support for over a month with no results.
Just to mention it, there was no customization done to these apps.
Any ideas. anybody?
Thanks, Gerd
Xe, SP15, AIX 4.3.3, AIX JAServer, Websphere 3.5

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