Web Server and Data Dictionary using Second Language

Hi List,

We are installing a Web Server with Spanish and English languages.

Using the profile users with English the fields with decimals work fine but
when the profile uses Spanish language a field who has 4 decimal after
period appears with commas not with periods and the field doesn't use the
decimals and keep the value without decimal. An example:
On the Web client screen looks like this:
Field PRRC English Field PRRC Spanish
10.0000 ,0010

In the database JDE do not use decimals so, looks like this:
Field PRRC English Field PRRC Spanish
100000 10

When I do the same operation from a fat client I do not have any problem
even with Spanish language. I did the same example from the fat client that
I used to generate the serialized objects and it works ok.(Using Spanish
language too)
I used the R92TAM & R98CRTGL for datadict and global tables to generate
this specs before the web serialized objects.
I checked the ddict and ddtext generated from the fat client that I used
for web objects using the UTB and looks similar to other fat clients.

The data dictionary information for the web server is used from the
Enterprise Server or from the serialized objects (F989998 &F989999)?

I could find the fields on the tables (F989998 & F989999) for Spanish &
English but it's in a image format (sql Server 7) and I don't know how to
see inside?

I couldn't check the ddict from the Enterprise Server, I mean the ddict
and ddtext because the UTB do not permit, it try to look on the RDB form
the Enterprise not on DDB from the specs directory and if I try they are
not opened.

Does anyone have the same problem? or a guess?
And does anyone know where I can change this commas for periods?

Thanks for help

Ignacio Perez-Neri

OW Xe Sp14.1 Enterprise Server, Deployment Server: W2K . Web Server:WNT
DBMS: Sql Server7.0 and all their Sp.