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Web interfacing


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Need some help if possible! Interfaces to other websites for data
extraction, etc. from data already residing in OneWorld.


POD (Proof of Delivery) Screen, and we want to request the carrier the
information/bill of lading for a select set of claims.

At presently some one would have to go the like UPS, FEDEX URL and enter the
information, then generate a report. All of this at present is manual

Do you know what this request via the web? Java Interface? Use of Websphere?
What are the
setup requirements for JAVA/OneWorld(XE) (if this required) to do this type
of exchange?

As anyone of aware of carriers already supporting such a data
exchange/automation? Anyone doing
something similar?


OW Xe SP14 SP1
AS400 V4R5
W2K & Citrix
Websphere Coming online
Hi Perry,

We have a similar request by our users in our Shop. Has anybody responded or what have you found out ? Your post was a few months old .. so maybe you have some info.

Glad if you can share,
OW Xe SP 15
AS400 V4R5