Web Exception on Power Browse until subform deleted and recreated


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I have an issue where the power browse stops working and I can see the main grid is not finding any records. Getting "Web Exception" error when I do a find. Subform still works but the form throws an error in local web testing and the main grid does not work it seems. Previously I found feedback indicating this was corruption in the spec and to recreate the grid so I did this and it worked. Deleted the subform and recreated it and it's logic and all was well. So I made another change to the some FC fields population and then the same issue again (grid not finding records .. web exception etc.) ... I deleted the subform and grid and the main grid starts to work again.

I don't want to have to recreate the subform every time the main grid decides to flake out and not work so there has to be something I am missing. IS there somewhere this spec is getting crossed with the grids that can be fixed instead of whacking the subform?

Just checking to see if someone found a better way to fix this issue.