Web Client (IE/Firefox) empty application and truncated menus


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Hello All,
Web clients/browsers started recently showing a blank screen instead of an application contents.
Menus are also truncated to the top level menu only and it is not possible to expand further.

Please have a look at the screenshots below.
Looks like some obscure browser security settings, windows update or newly installed application messed up with the rendering of the applications.

On my JDE 9.2 standalone it is broken in IE 11, but works well in FF 68 - second picture
On one of the JDE 9.1 development workstations it is broken for both IE and FF - first picture

I would assume this has been experienced multiple times and somebody has knowledge how to resolve.



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I think I'm seeing similar issues, though right now it's limited to a single Windows 10 workstation (fortunately mine, somehow). Firefox, Edge, and Chrome work fine, but IE11 isn't rendering the menu properly. The top-level is there, but I'm unable to drill down through it to lower levels. See attached screenshot menu.jpg. The small number of applications that I've tested aren't loading properly, either. The grids and QBE fields are there, but the task bar is weird, and some elements aren't rendering properly. See attachment p4210.jpg.

It may be worth noting that I also had a Windows 7 workstation with the same issue, but that machine has since been reformatted and the problem doesn't exist anymore. So it's not specifically a Windows 10 and IE11 issue. I've also got a bunch of other Windows 10 workstations that have no problems with JDE in IE11. Same version of IE11 as the broken one.

I've been working with Oracle Support, but so far no luck. We've tried various levels of compatibility mode and other browser settings, as well as applying latest roll-up patches to the workstation, but no luck as of yet. She hasn't found any documentation internally, either.


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I am getting the same behavior as yours in regards to truncated menus.
However, in your case screen controls do exist on pages, whereas I am getting a blank screen under window titles.

Here is one more thing, on another Windows 7 machine under Firefox I can see contents of pages generated on a remote server.
However, local web-dev feature generated pages are blank.

weird ...