Web Client Exception


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I have come across WEB CLIENT EXCEPTION ERROR for only one user when he tries to select Supplier from form header. The error shows like

An exception has been caught by the Web client. Please contact your system administrator. See log for details, Exception Id = Exception_2017-08-08 17:51:22.897_USER_NAME 15

When I check the log file it shows like
exception in processEvent java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 15 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 15

I have checked Security workbench, roles, user overrides, but unfortunately I could not solve it. Anybody please show some lights.


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If the issue is specific to one user only then it is usually corrupt grid formats or such. You mentioned you checked User Overrides. Did you try deleting all the User overrides for that user for that application ?

Have you also eliminated the possibility of being a machine specific issue by having the user try from another machine ? If machine specific it could be corrupt browser cache or a custom add on that is interfering.


Thanks ice_cube210
I have already checked the user overrides and there are no user overrides for this user, and I have already checked the machine, its not connected with machine. I tried with another user from his machine and there is no error, and when I tried by his user from another machine, the error comes. So its clear that the issue is specific with that user.


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Check the language preference of the user.....

Does the user who is having the issue & who doesn't have the issue has same language or is it different ?


Thanks Saikiran

Its solved. Its the issue with language preference. I have just make the language blank.

Thank you very much.