Web Client Custom Grids



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We currently allow users to customize grids. Issue is, that anytime an object is promoted to production custom/*public grids tend to get all messed up, leading to heart burn and time lost restoring the grid configurations.

Is there a way we can save off the custom grid and put it back after a deployment?

On a side not, How do you deal with grids?
This is more an issue with older versions of JDE in my experience.
What version are you running ?

The other thing is that developers can minimize the issue by always adding new columns to the END of the grid ...
by "minimize" I mean reduce the chances of any issues with pre-existing grid formats when new columns are added to a grid by a programmer.

We here haven't seen the issues we used to have with grid formats when the base grid was changed since ... TR 8.98.x? We "minimized" the issue before then by only adding new columns to the extreme right of a grid.
Thanks for the reply,

We typically set something up in P98950 and *PUBLIC for a given program. In a perfect world we would be able to create a grid object in development and promote that object with the rest of the project so that all changes are as we want. This would make the entire problem go away in my opinion. The only other option we see is to disable custom grids all together, but we would surely be chased down with torches and pitchforks.

Do you know if this is possible(prompting grids)?

Is there a way to modify the grid object that is saved in F98950.BINDTA (i'm assuming at this point this is where the grid format resides)?