Watson Purgatory


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Hi there :

I've had a couple of Watson nightmare episodes...
Most of them were solved after :

a) Upgrading from B7332 SP11.3 to SP15.1
b) DELETE FROM PRODB733.F98950 (User Overrides, they corrupt so easily!)
c) Adding NOT NULL on every data that is being imported to OneWorld
d) Upgraded my user workstations from Windows 9x to Windows NT Workstation
4.0 SP6a + MDAC 2.6 or Windows 2000 Professional SP1 + MDAC 2.6 with
128 Mb RAM and 384 Mb for pagefile.

The good thing is that I've had a nice review of C++ and Assembly code!

Sebastian Sajaroff
B7321 to Xe, NT/W2K/SQL

B7321 to Xe, NT/W2K/SQL
JAS, Interoperability
[email protected]
Grupo ASSA - Application Software SA