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Hi List

Am I right in thinking that E1 allow you to use out of the box Watchlists free of charge, but we are NOT allowed to develop our own without a OVR licence?

Just trying to make sense of this really Edwards UX One_rebranded.pdf

We'd like to start using Watchlists but are a bit confused over whether we need to pay to do so. It say we can modify some and this is ok

Q: Can I create a new One View Watchlist if I do not have a full use license to One View Reporting Foundation?
A: No. A full use license of One View Reporting Foundation is required to create new One View Watchlists


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Hi John,

I think the answer is that it depends on your version. On 9.1 we had some OneView licenses that let us use WatchLists, but we weren't on the tools release to get them. We are upgrading to 9.2 and a higher tools release. My understanding is that you have some ability to use WatchLists without OneView on 9.2. They wanted some of that functionality to be part of the UDOs. To know specifically for your configuration, your best bet is to ask Oracle.