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Is anyone out there storing warranty data in JDE and if so, where/how. =
A client of mine (wholesale sales) is now capturing serial numbers =
during ship confirm. The next step is to capture warranty info, based =
on a warranty card returned by the end customer, validate the warranty =
info via the serial number file, then store that warranty info =
somewhere in JDE. They currently have a LARGE spreadsheet with past =
warranty info.

Anyone suggestions.


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Well... there is "serial number revisions" available on G4241 #19 where
there is an additional field named "Serial number 2" ( SRL2 ) that may be
usable for this.


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Saw a demo of the service and warranty module (previously CSMS)- looked
quite interesting, registering serial numbers not only of your parts, but
the serials of sub parts from suppliers that are warrantied. It even has
the capability of web warranty registration (of course at that time I am
sure it was vaporware)

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Thanks, Tony, I'll check that out. However, if I recall correctly CSMS
requires OW co-existance, and this client isn't anywhere near entertaining
OW in any way whatsoever.