E9.2 Warehouse Configuration - Picking by lot sequence

Hello All

We are working on a Warehouse Implementation project without License Plate. We have a configuration issue and we would like your opinion on how we can go about.


In the above we have 2 lots with same expiration spread across 3 locations. Currently we have set our Movement Instructions as below

Tie Breaker = 4


Rollup = N

When R46171 runs the UBE is selecting lots in location A0001 and B0001. But as per the client requirements, they want to pick from only one lot and only after it is exhausted they want to go to next lot. So ideally they want lots in locations A0001 and C0001 to be picked before they pick from location B0001. We tried multiple permutations of the above setup but we were not able to achieve.

Any suggestions would help