wanting to do an (AS400) ovrdbf

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I've created a custom UBE that I'd like to be able to run
over copies of the file that it was written for. The data is on an AS400.

In WORLD (reminiscing now) I could in the DREAMWRITER
version specs point at the file. I could also do this w/an OVRDBF in the

I'd like to do the same (sort of) thing in OW, where this single
UBE can process diff copies and/or members of the physical file.

This would save me from having to create the UBE for each file
that I want to report.

Can I do this in OW?


Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client
If you use File Handles then when open the file with the handle you can point to
the library that it is on.

Ken Stern
OneWorld Developer
Andrews Consulting Group
Cool idea, however all would be in the same library (PRODDTA).


If you use File Handles then when open the file with the handle you can
point to
the library that it is on.

Ken Stern
OneWorld Developer
Andrews Consulting Group

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client
There is some confusion here - as to what you are asking and some of the
responses I am seeing (I agree, SQL 7 is not your answer, yet).

You are wanting to be able to hit Members of a table... not tables in other
libraries... ?? For those that don't understand the AS/400 structure, a table
can have lower level structures defined within.

An example might be an imaginary table GL. Inside this table you could have
multiple member (Corp, IT, Manufacturing...). These members may(keyword is
may) follow the same structure as the parent.

You want to be able to hit a Member of a Table from within OW. This will
depend on the ODBC driver you are using. I have been off the 400 for a
while, but the 400's default ODBC driver didn't use to support this

You might look at some of the third party ODBC drivers for the AS/400 or
post the question on one of the Common forums (www.common.org ?).

Personally, (IMHO), I wouldn't want my users or development group coding
this structure. Override DBFs can become very very difficult to

[email protected]

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We have a physical file (table, if you insist) that has been copied
into various iterations. Each iteration represents a diff date range that
processed on.

We could have created diff members w/in the physical, but didn't go that

Either way, a UBE was written to report on this file, and the desire was
there to be able to report on each iteration w/as little effort as

I, being green-screen-Gene, wanted to use OVRDBF to get to each iteration
(or member if I'd taken that path). I did NOT want to have to create a NEW
ube for each iteration.

W/in world, I would have been able to mod the DREAMWRITER clps to
do what I want, transparent to the end user. W/in OW, I still tend to try
400/World ways.

Based on the results I've gotten off of the (2) jde lists (ow and owdev) I
could use p/opts to get the name of the file (member) that I want and w/in
my ube kick off the call ext pgm bsfn, passing it formatted CPYF's,
replace(*yes), to get the data where I want it, w/out having separate

Being an old-world dog, it seemed that there would be a one-world-trick
that I could learn. I haven't tried, but could I use the call external pgm
to do the OVRDBF?

Troubleshooting aside, to me this seems like functionality lost.

Thanks for any help past, present, or future.


Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client
Re: RE: wanting to do an (AS400) ovrdbf

green-screen-gene (love that name, by the way),
take the easy route and combine all of the tables (files if you must) back into one with the date at the top of the key and then let sql do it's stuff. you would still need processing options for users to enter a date (or date range).
i was AS400 for 15 years and it takes a while to change the viewpoint. believe me, sql is a powerful tool. you should let the system do it's stuff instead of working around it.

NT 4.0 SP5, SQL 7.0, One World B7321 SP12.4, Citrix 1.8 (XE soon)
Re: RE: wanting to do an (AS400) ovrdbf

If it were _just_ my file, or any custom file that I
had control over the layout, I would do as you

The file however, is a 360 character image,
w/multiple record layouts. The design was
dictated to me by a bank, and the goal is
to report on the ACTUAL file that gets xmitted
to them. Retrofitting it w/date and line# would
not be true to that goal.

Do you know if there is a "OW for WORLD
PROGRAMMERS" guide? I purchased the
"complete reference" and was less than
impressed by the chapter on "OW & AS400".

Pretty much, my training in OW was "swim".
The leap between WORLD and OW has left me battered.
(But being a PROGRAMMER (developer for the JDE-pc)
I enjoy the pain......)

Thanks for your help.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client
RE: RE: wanting to do an (AS400) ovrdbf


Thinking outside the box - for a minute... It may require a few more ubes
or appls, but a more test and debug friendly approach might be to use
Logical files over the table/file members. You might have to copy
applications/reports and change the views - but this might be easier than
trying to find a solution that may not currently exist.

Yes, the standard (out of the box) AS/400 ODBC does see logicals. This
process might be a little more test/debug friendly than trying to connect
internally to the table/file members.

Any thoughts?

Daniel Bohner
[email protected]
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