WAN Utilization with Citrix


We are moving from World to OneWorld and have multiple locations with many users (200-300). I am looking for anticipated wan requirements when making a move like this. Does anyone have any WAN sizing information when making a move like this? Any actual experience?
While I don't have the same number of users(by any stretch). Here is my setup.

I run 5-10 users using citrix over a Frame Relay circuit sized at 32K and I have 5 users who access JDE over the Internet again using Citrix. Only problem I have is that due to user location (Canadian high arctic) I have to run over satellite links. Performance is acceptable on the FR, and slow to very slow on internet. Just my 2 cents. (well 1.23 US cents anyway)


Prod: B733.1 SP11.3, NT4 SP6a and Oracle 8.0.5
We use the new Citrix product called Citrix extranet to provide user with
secure acces via the web. It is easy to setup and eliminates the need for a
total VPN solution or dedicated framerelay lines. We use it particularly
for our mobile sales force.
Amine :

According to my experience (across South America) 2-3 Kbps per
concurrent user are more than enough for HTML Clients, but Java
clients need about 15 Kbps to run well.
I have to admit that it's much easier to setup and administer WTS
clients than HTML/JAS clients, nevertheless users tend to prefer the
Web interface provided by JAS Server.
JAS Server doesn't provide any Internet security at all, it's up to
you to setup proxies, firewalls, SSL, etc.

Assuming that you want to install the NT JAS Server, you will need :

a) W2K Server, IIS 5.0, WebSphere 3.5 (much better than 3.0.2.x),
Xe SP14.1 or higher.
I've tested JAS with B7331 and it was a horror story, JAS B7332
was so-so, and finally I've found that JAS Xe is fine.
b) JDBC drivers (Oracle provides them for free, SQL ones have to be
bought to BEASys), IBM JDK 1.2.2 (provided by WebSphere) and MS JDK.
c) Define the J Environments (create your JAS Server with a Oneworld
d) Install the JAS OneWorld
e) Set it up (a quite annoying task, it's very sensitive to upper
and lower case, spaces, pufff!)
f) Test it thoroughly on the Intranet
g) Setup OneWorld and external (proxy, firewall,...) security
h) Be aware than JAS Service Packs come on different CDs that regular
OneWorld Service Packs, but both have to be at the same level.

Yours, Sebastian

Sebastian Sajaroff
B7321 to Xe, NT/SQL, JAS, Interop, Citrix

B7321 to Xe, NT/W2K/SQL
JAS, Interoperability
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You should be able to use the Citrix download from their site and
connect to your WTS. All you need is the IP address of the WTS. You
will have to set this up as a custom connection (so load balancing will
not come into play for this particular client).

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