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What is the easiest way to update a entire group of employees' hourly rate or annual salary? I would like to be prepared in the unlikely event a annual wage increase is ever given.
In the past, my company has given an "across the board" wage increase of xx%. Does JDE have a way to increase everyone's salary by a certain percent?
We also use the pay rate table for our hourly employees. Can I increase the rates globally or do I have to do each individually?
Any help would be appreciated

Brian Getty, CGA
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There are a couple of ways you could go about doing an "across the board"
wage increase.

We have not used this functionality, but there is a "Enter Multiple Employee
Pay Changes" in the HR module (menu G08W2, REVIEW & UPDATE CYCLE section).
There are about 20 pages in the Human Resources documentation devoted to
this topic.

There is also a "Mass Change" function in Payroll which can be used (off
menu G0731). You can reference the Payroll Volume 1 documentation for that
one (about 6 pages worth of info). We have used this for mass change of
life insurance amounts, but never for salary. You must make sure you have
all SARs related to salary updates applied--there are a few out on the
Knowledge Garden.

Hope this steers you in the right direction.

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