W1702A and Branch


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Hi Lists,

Like to know when click ADD on W1701A to get W1702A to create the equipment master, what is used for the field "branch" at the center left on W1702A ? Is this field required ? And where is it defaulted from ? Thanks lot !

Apps 9.1 and TR 9.1.4
Hi John,

The field represents the Branch/Plant (aka warehouse) where you will most likely pull repair parts (MRO parts) for any repair of said equipment. The field will only "default" into the P1702 if you have a Default Branch/Plant defined on your user ID, otherwise it will be blank.

The main purpose of this field is so that if you generate a Maintenance WO for this piece of Equipment, you can have this value from the Equipment Master default into the WO automatically.

There are some other purposes of this field, but this is the primary one.
The MMCU -Branch/Plant in this instance is the home business unit for the equipment master record being added. It can also be where any charges (expenses) are recorded against this equipment. It has numerous other purposes based upon the various modules that integrate with Service Mgt.

I think you are mixing up the Responsible Business Unit (MCU) with the Branch/Plant (MMCU). The field John is asking about is "Branch" which does not perform as you indicated, however the Responsible BU on the Accounting Tab of the Equipment Master is as you described.
Hi guys,

Thanks and here are some definitions that might clarify somewhat better.

Work Center (Business Unit)(MCU)
The term Business Unit is used to describe both work centers and branch plants. Security exists at both levels, so access may be restricted. Enter an alphanumeric code that identifies a separate entity within a business for which costs should be tracked. In this case, it will be for a work center.

Branch (Branch/Plant)(MMCU)
A code that represents a high-level business unit. Use this code to refer to a branch or plant that might have departments or jobs which represent lower-level business units, subordinate to it.
Business unit security is based on the higher-level business unit. Security exists at both the business unit and branch plant levels, so access may be restricted.