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'W' Environments for Citrix


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\'W\' Environments for Citrix


We're running B7332 SP14, AS400 Enterprise Sever with v4r5m0 OS. Currently, we are experiencing lots of problems with clients using Citrix - WCRP environment. One of the programs that behaves inconsistently is P4210. The call business function kernel process on the AS400 crashes when we try entering a sales order. In addition, there would appear to be caching errors on the AS400. I've mentioned P4210 but this isn't the only application that misbehaves...

Anyone shed any light on this? Something that would be quite useful to see is a list of OCM mappings for a W environment from a site with similar setup to us.

Any help would be appreciated.


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RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

Sanjeev :

Don't bother with 'W' environments.
I'm tired of them, already have suffered a lot of problems with them.
I recommend you to use plain CRP environments.

Sebastian Sajaroff

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Re: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

Thanks for replying - I've had a number of emails that echo what you're saying Sebastian. However, we're getting 'pushed' by JDE to use a 'W' environment. Basically, we're being told that if we don't, we'll have a number of problems once we go live. Our Citrix Servers will service 25 users each (we have two).

For all:

Did you change/tweak the mappings for your standard environments (non W) to run on Citrix?


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RE: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

You're supposed to remap the Master Business function to the server for the
"W" environments. There was an article on the JDE KG about how to identify
the MBFN and then you could manually change OCM to point them to the server.



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Re: RE: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

Should we be considering a NT based Logic Server? We're getting conflicting advice. Our AS400 is a dual way 720 and its going to have a maximum of 40 users connected at once via 2 Citrix Servers.


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Re: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

Is there any disadvantages to using regular PY and PD environments with Citrix?

It seems that 'W' environments were not created during the Xe upgrade.

What are the differences between 'W' environments and the regular ones?

Thanks for your help.

C Ho
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RE: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

C Ho,
'W' Environments are used with WTS to map processing somewhere
other than Local (either to an Application Server or to the Enterprise

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Re: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

C Ho

The 'W' environments allow you to CNC configure the Citrix environments differently than the standard OW environments used by fat clients. JDE does not install these environments unless you specify that you have Citrix boxes and want to install them. You could easily install them now, if you like.

Advantages/disadvantages: Thats debatable. Remember that Citrix boxes are just fat clients with many users hitting the same set of TAM specs. Most everything the W env reconfigures is for performance sake. A W env typically has the BSFNs mapped to run on an Application Server. Additionally, replication of the DD and Control Tables (UDC, Menus) is shut off (pulled directly from the data base). If you have no need for an App Srv and do not replicate these tables for your fat clients, than you probably have no need for the W environments.

Hope this helps some


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Re: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

No there is really no disadvantage to using regular environment. Actually
it works better using regular environment, as long is you genrate the globle
tables and Data dictionary spec files for it.
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RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

'W' environment are only created if you specified a WTS server in your plan.

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Re: RE: \'W\' Environments for Citrix

Yes thats right. The default mapping is for everything to run on the Enterprise server. I posted this original call some time ago. Thanks for all your input. I'm glad to say after much testing/configuring we are happily working in W environment.