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Original Purchase Order was entered with a quantity of 12 months and a unit
cost of 3122.6667. We are trying to run a voucher against this purchase
order for a quantity of 1 and a vouchered amount of 3150.00. The batch gets
created and posted for the 3150.00. Under Supplier Ledger Inquiry it shows
the vouchered amount as 3150.00, however if we inquire on this purchase
order it only reduces the amount open by the unit cost amount of 3122.67

Any help would be appreciated.

Dave Rammer
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Mike Dupaix

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First some assumptions. You are using a line type that is not interfaced with Inventory, and you are using 'encumbrance' purchasing.

The reason your changed unit cost is not reflected in the PO is due to the voucher tolerance rules setup in Purchasing. When a tolerance is exceeded, the PO itself is not updated with the changed/new amount. Only a JE is written. If you want the PO amount to be updated, you must reverse the voucher and change the original PO line amount.

If you're looking to reduce the total PO amount (37,472 - 3150) you could set up your units to equal the total PO dollars and set the unit cost at $1.00. That way when you relieve the PO, you will relieve the appropriate dollars and it will be reflected in the PO.

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