Voucher Not Eligible For Deletion Error



So a voucher batch with 5 vouchers was created and posted. A check batch was then created off those vouchers. Before the check batch was posted, it was determined that one of the vouchers was incorrect and shouldn't be paid. And so the check for payment of that voucher was removed from the batch, and the check batch was then posted.

Now the goal is to remove the incorrect voucher. However, we ran into a Voucher Not Eligible For Deletion error, saying a voucher can't be deleted if it is paid or partially paid. We then went into the F0411 and changed the Pay Status from "P" to "A", thinking that would allow for deletion. It did not.

How do we go about removing, or voiding out, this voucher?


Kim Schmidt

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Hi SliceTech,

The answer probably depends on a couple of things. Hopefully, the P04571 Work With Payment Groups application was used to remove the voucher from the batch. Between when a Payment Group is created and the checks are ultimately posted, A/P uses 3 work tables to manage their status: The F04571 table has one row per payment group, F04572 has one row per payment, and F04573 is the voucher-level detail for the payments. Almost anything you would need to do to manage payments can be done within this application without needing to resort to manual table updates. Bottom line is, you might still have data in these work tables for your incorrect voucher and/or its original payment.
The correct way to back out a voucher when a payment has a next status of "Update" is to use the Reset row exit to make it have a next status of "Write". Then if you select the payment again and use the "Undo" row exit, it will clear out your voucher and also any other vouchers included in the same payment from the work tables. You then can delete or void it from your Supplier Ledger.
Hope this helps!