Voucher Matching - and Suddenly the User is at Login Screen?


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Tuesday feels like a Monday?

New client; haven't had a lot of digging yet - so I'm wondering if any of you have hit this before?

Customer is entering vouchers, suddenly the browsers returns to a login screen (not due to inactivity). When they try to go back into that voucher - the form states, "Batch In Use" and one of the developers has to release the batch.

What would / might make a form close and return to the login screen (I've only seen this on inactivity time-outs, and the user assures me its not due to inactivity). I am not aware of a type of crash that would do this - put the user back on the logon screen?


9.1 / WS7 / iSeries

The session is getting invalidated in some way. A common cause (other than inactivity) is attempting to access a different web application on the same JAS instance. If it is voucher match, do they have some sort of AP workflow tool which is misconfigured?
Hi Russell,

They are doing Acorde - but they are on separate servers (I pinged and confirmed). The user has two browser screens up, on is E1, the other is Acorde. I know they are bouncing back and forth between session and they are polling Acorde from E1.


When you say they are polling Acorde from E1, are they polling from the web client or at the back end? One thing to test would be to open JDE in Google Chrome and Acorde in IE and see if the behaviour continues as this ensures they're using separate sessions.

On a side note, are they actually using Acorde or are they using Oracle WebCenter Imaging because Acorde hasn't existing for over 10 years but is the basis of the Oracle product (through Stellent)?

Yes - they are using the Web Client to poll 'Acorde'
Yes - they are using the "Oracle Imaging and Process Management"

I'll suggest to the user to open one in Chrome, the other in IE. Currently, they open both in Chrome.

Thank you