Voucher Match


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Have we got any fixes for this problem.....!

1. Enter the PO number, Invoice Number, Supplier Number and the Gross Amount in the 1st screen. (Currency code and Exchange rate will be filled automatically)
2. Go to 2nd screen by Clicking select Receipts to Match or Orders to Match in Forms menu.
3. If Receipts or Orders not found in the 2nd screen, press Cancel and go back to 1st screen.
4. Enter another PO number and related details in the 1st screen. (Currency code will be refreshed but exchange rate will NOT be refreshed. The exchange rate of the previous currency will remain)

Due to this problem, our Exchange gain /loss A/c was in millions last month......!


Hi Husni,
It's Lisa. I guess JDEdwards could not provide you with a fix then? Why
don't you refresh the currency code yourself through a program change for
now ?