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We have just started to use voucher logging and I know I have seen some posts in the past related to it. Has anyone out there used this functionality and automated the later matching to receipts? My AP guy wants the system to automatically match the logged vouchers to the open receipts. Anyone done this or heard of doing it?

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The voucher logging has no links to purchasing. There are a few options assuming voucher logging is desired;

1. Allow for duplicate invoice numbers in AP. This will allow you to log the voucher and then receive against the same voucher. Log the vouchers to the received not vouchered account. You could then build a report that matches invoices in that GL account. An issue with this is your logged voucher list will continue to grow.

2. Log the vouchers but code them to a contra account other than received not vouchered. Do not allow duplicate invoices in AP. When voucher entry is attempted during the match process, you will receive an error due to the duplicate. Open voucher entry and delete the logged voucher then complete the match process.

Because the logged voucher information does not reside in F43121, purchasing has no way to 'automatically match' the information.

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Praxair has automated this process. JDE wrote the basic code for us and we've
been enhancing it since. Here's how it works. We voucher log all invoices to a
suspense account as soon as they are received. Each night a UBE is run which
attempts to match the voucher to the receipt. If it matches, the voucher is
redistributed automatically and set to approved status. When it doesn't match,
workflow kicks off a Lotus Notes message which is sent to the appropriate person
with information containing the PO#, doc#, part description, a brief description
of the error, etc.. Examples are need receiving, (most common error), invoice
amount less than receipt amount, amount out of tolerance, no PO line.
The person correcting the error logs into the Matching Errors and Corrections
screen, reviews the grid and clicks on Correct Errors in the row exit. This
takes them to the correct screen: example, receiving screen, PO detail screen,
Voucher match screen, etc. The UBE is run again and if matched, the pay status
is changed from X to A.
If a person doesn't respond to the Lotus Notes, another message is sent in 5
days. The matching errors and corrections screen allows us to collect data on
where errors occur, by person, error type, # of days, etc. for measures and
corrective action.

If you want more info, give me a call.
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Praxair Inc.
fax 716-879-2820
OneWorld B733.1 sp11.3, Oracle 8.05, NT4.0, Citrix WTS
going to Xe