Vocabulary Overrides - There were no specification records


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I just boomeranged a UBE and Versions from a V9.0 to a V9.1 environment and was ready to setup the French text using the Vocabulary Overrides.

When I go into the P9220 from Solution Explorer, everything is fine until I try to expand one of the Versions by double clicking on the plus sign.
Then I get an Message window that says "There were no specification records".

This happens for all the Versions. The only Version that expands is the Template for RDA.

Why can't I change the VO's for the Versions?
To get rid of this error, check out the version, open in design mode and go to section, select override version specifications and enable section layout, save & check in the version.

Now try doing vocabulary overrides in P9220 and it should work.
Yes, as saikiran said, "normal" versions have no spec overrides and so nowhere to store the VO's (just as the error message suggested). But beware that creating version overrides may not be a good idea generally.