Visual Studio Community Edition & Standalone?


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Apparently, our nice friends at M$ are looking at individuals (consultants??) and wondering if they can help us along. They've released a Community Edition product - that appears to be full-blown Visual Studio...

It has limitations, like - the owner must be an individual, not an employee of a formal business.

Now, there are a couple things I haven't figured to try yet.
- Can we compile E1 Functions with VS 2013?
- Will this product allow those on Standalone to Compile?

When I get the chance, I'll update this thread. Until then - I've provide the current link...

Is the community edition different than the express version?

What would be nice is Oracle would help everyone along and allow development on Linux using GCC, Eclipse (or some other free, open source C IDE), etc. I would think that it wouldn't be to far of a stretch to do something like that even if Wine was required.
Just a quick commentary ... we are using community 2013 in our lab with E920 and the build seems to work fine. Installed VS before any E1 software and didn't have to make any INI changes. Note: win 8.1 SDK is required.

side note: I'm testing ObjectBrowser with VS 2015 and all seems good except you need to manually install the VS2015 redist. Sometimes MS sucks :(

YIPPEEEE! - That's the Best News I've Read in LONGTIME.

I'm prepping a new 9.2 Standalone for #C16LV - and praying that I don't have to cough, hiccup or find a new lifestyle.

Fantastic news. I've already started looking at my Amazon 9.2 images to make sure that the community edition is included. Wow. Thats a significant saving for independent consultants.

IF YOU'RE A COMPANY - read the friggin license ! You'll find yourself being audited if you try and install this on company equipment !!! This license is designed for individuals - NOT companies !
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Hi Daniel,

Any heads through with using Community Edition?

Hi My Friend,

I'm building some Custom and some std C BSFN with no issues so far. I guess the only major problem is to infringe the License Terms when you use it in Company.

For the independent consultants scenario, it is a huge help!