Visual Assist Error


Hey List--

I have have run into problems with the visual assist at a couple of different clients. I will freeze up my Oneworld session when using the visual assist from a detail line to access the address book. This happens most frequently at PO receipts & ship confirm. I have seen it happen on both B733.2 and Xe and on fat and thin clients...

anybody see this before?


Nate Alley
Deloitte & Touche
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Hi, Nate,

I've seen this error on my client (B7332, SP11.1 - 11.3). It did not occur
always, but quite often. Client would freeze for a moment or ten minutes
:), and then go on working. At debug level 6 we've noticed the following
error being issued several times per second at the time of freeze:

RT: CopyFIToBLOB: Unable to retrieve SVR header record for application
P1620[T:2d4 F:D:\b7\system\jdeuser\jdecgrt\RT_BLOB.cpp Ln:1922 Lv:LEVEL1]

I had a call with RL, but they never suggested anything useful. We closed
the call, because we had more pressing issues then this one.

Sorry if it did not help,
Vladimir Ponomarev