Visual Assist Does Not Clear Error


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Custom Header/ Detail Form
- User Selects FC Field on Tab One
- User enters invalid value in Form Control Header Field (tied to CustomTable.D7E1)
- ER System Function Error on the FC
- User Uses Visual Assist to pull correct value back to FC
- ER System Function Clear Error on Same FC
- User Selects Tab Two, then immediately returns to Tab One - Error is Cleared
- If user manually types in the corrected value, the ER clears the Error.

Why is it that the Form Control Error is not being cleared, immediately after the Visual Assist and the System Function "Clear Control Error"? Why is it the error does not clear during the ER for the Visual Assist?

I've seen a whole bunch of KG Articles - that match the description, but they appear to have been resolved years ago...

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Same behavior on all browsers?

Same behavior with IE and Chrome (ewe, evil Googler)...

OK - here's our silly workaround:

Post Visual Assist ....
00001 Set Current Tab Page(FC Tab Control 195, TP FEV Input 2)
00002 Set Current Tab Page(FC Tab Control 195, TP FEV Input 1)

Programmatically switch from one tab to the another and back, all before the users gets to see what happened.
Hi Dan,

Here is the only thing I can offer. Errors that are set are only 'AutoCleared' by performing the same action that caused the error. In other words, if you have a situation where you are setting the error of a grid field on tab out and setting another field based upon Grid Row is Exited, and you have entered an invalid value in the first field and moved down a grid row - which causes both errors to occur, then going back into that grid row and the first errored field fixing it and tabbing out will ONLY clear the first error and not the error due to changing grid rows.

If this is the case for you, then you should be able to clear the error with the following actions. User enters invalid value and exits getting the error. User then re-enters the errored field and types a single keystroke before going into visual assist, selecting the valid value and returning and exiting the field. I understand that this is not a viable solution but it should verify that the exit after a VA input is not the same as the exit after manual keystroke entry.

One way to fix it is to disable the auto-erroring feature and coding the setting of the error in some sort of hidden Validate Button which clears the errors and resets them after testing.

Hope this helps (a little),
Ben again
Hi Dan (again),

There are also actions (like moving from tab to tab and back, Hitting the OK button, moving into a grid) that will 'force' the engine to perform pre-requisite actions (like Form Control is Exited) that aren't explicitly triggered because you have used VA or entered a value programmatically base upon another field.

Ben again
Just to make sure I am clear. Entering a keystroke while in a field will trigger a change flag to test the field. I have tested this by going into the field and hitting any keystroke and seeing a different result when just entering and exiting versus entering hitting a keystroke and exiting and getting different results. Admittedly this was many versions ago so I can't say that this happens at the current release or every release.

Thank you, greatly, for your clarity and input.

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