Viewind disk space requirements for an Install


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I have never used the certifications tab on the support site to view disk space requirements, but both the upgrade and installation guides have verbiage that says this information is available there. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to view that. Does anyone know how to look at disk space requirements from the certifications tab?

Doesn't exist. I've found that references in a number of Oracle documents can be, shall we say, a little misleading.

There is a recent white paper on hardware sizing available on Oracle support. The document id is 1954190.1

You won't actually find any details in that document, but rather just information about why sizing is important and how to go about it. To quote the start of the document:
“System sizing” refers to the recommended hardware specification required to run JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The hardware specifications include the number of servers, CPU, memory, and disk storage. The recommendations are customer specific and are based on the customer profile.

If you have specific questions for your set up you can just put them up here as plenty of us can do rough system sizing on the back of napkin.
Hello, I found doc 1382654.1 which lists the Disk Space requirements for 9.0. I will use this as a baseline. Thanks.