View CSV truncating (rounding) first column for R09450


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

When performing a view CSV of the output of a UBE (in this case R09450 Supplier Totals by GL), the .csv file is opened by Excel and the first column contains the JDE account number. Values such as '10000.272000.010' show fine in Excel, but accounts such as '38520.555905' are showing as '38520.55591'. It appears to be rounding The source csv when viewed by an editor shows the the correct value is in the csv file.

Does anyone know of a way that would allow Excel to treat this as a text field and not perform a rounding operation when viewing?

I know i could start Excel and then do a data import from the csv file, and designate that field as Text and it would display it correctly, but would like a way for the user to just choose to view the csv and have that column be formatted correctly when Excel displays it.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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This has been covered many times on JDEList.

To force excel to treat the value as text, put it in double inverted commas (double quotes).