View Cluster Demand Requirements and /or Plan Work Orders


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Does anyone know of a process or an idea for setup that would help us cluster work orders together? We manufacture for multiple countries. In many cases, they share a bulk, but have unique packaging or routing instructions (pack in cardboard box, inkjet EXP date, etc.). So, this requires unique item numbers.

We are looking for an easy way to group those items together to plan production. As an example, a bulk may build 10,000 widgets. 25% may be for Egypt (Item E), 10% for Brazil (Item B), 20% for Russia (Item R), and 45% for Indonesia (Item I). Ideally, we'd like to see the distribution of demand in a single place for these items - whether that's with a category code or a work order code. This would allow us to manually create the work orders for the amounts.

Any ideas if this functionality exists or if anyone has experienced this and had any great implementation processes?