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Hello all,

Has anyone out there heard of or is using the product called Vice Versa? We are looking at purchasing this product and would appreciate any feedback.


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Hi Dan,

Did you end up getting any information on Vice Versa? We are looking at it too. We have OneWorld Xe at our Head Office and several other division that are running Xe as well. They are all separate systems but we have all our developers located at the Head Office and they will have to do remote development at some point. This was a third party software package that we have been looking at to help us in remote development.

Can you please let me know if you have any additional information on this software. Thanks for your help!


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We actually bought the product. It seems to be a very nice product. We are going to use it for version control as well as remote development. There's a slight possibility that we are going to use the product to transfer objects from our development system to our productions system too. We're having it installed shortly. I believe next week (12-10-01). I'll let you know if anything comes up.


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Hi Dan,
I took the ViceVersa trial version for a ride a few months ago.
I was trying (at that time) to transfer the B7321 custom objects (they were developed AFTER the upgrade to Xe).
My tests failed at that time, and I (still) did not get the reasons of why it happened so from Oracular; therefore I couldn't convince management to buy it.
Do take the time to give us a valuable feeed-back, please.

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