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I am new to Vertex. I have been asked to upgrade our Vertex 3.2 (Sales Tax) to Vertex 4.0. Can anyone give me some hints or links to documents on vertex upgrade. What care should be taken from JDE and vertex side ?
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We use Vertex for payroll, not for sales. But I'm sure they use the same approach. Their installation guides and upgrades guides are always included on the CDs they ship the programs on. There is always a folder called Documentation.


I can see below information from MTR(Minimum Technical Requirements) page in Oracle site. I don't see STQ 4.0 is working with OneWorld. So you'd better check with Oracle and let us know.

Additional Information
In order to remove the need for Service Pack Updates to accommodate Vertex Sales Tax Q Series header file changes, OneWorld XE clients must apply the ESU for SAR 5849767 regardless of the install platform.

EnterpriseOne 8.10 users must apply the ESU for SAR 6805811. This Fix includes a change to the Quantum Database Connection (P7308) application. In JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 8.9 the GeoCode setup tab was consolidated to one common tab regardless of the value in GeoCode database location processing option. This SAR allows users to specify different databases for the GeoCode database used for Vertex Sales Tax and Vertex Payroll Tax. Vertex does not recommend using the same GeoCode database for both Vertex Sales Tax Q Series and Vertex Payroll Q Series, and the use of two separate databases may be required to resolve some configuration problems.

As stated in this Minimum Technical Requirement, specific EnterpriseOne releases (8.10, 8.11, 8.11 SP1, 8.12 and 9.0) and specific Tools Release (8.95_N1, 8.96, and more recent) are compatible with Vertex Q Series Sales and Use Tax version 3.3.x/3.4. EnterpriseOne releases (XE, E8.0) and specific Tools Release (SP23_R1 and more recent) are compatible with Vertex Q Series Sales and Use Tax version 3.3.x/3.4.. The current announcement on the My Oracle Support on this topic is Knowledge Management article "E1: 73: iSeries, EnterpriseOne with Vertex Sales Q Series - Upgrades and Updates (Doc ID 649581.1)"

Customers on 9.0 need to install the ESU for SAR 8950361.

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