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hi All,
Is anyone using Vertex Tax software in Canada. We haven't implemented yet and I was wondering if or how Vertex handle VAT taxes in Canada. It seems that they can only do Sales and use taxes. I am planning on using it for the US side and wanted it for Canada as well but if it is more work than it's worth, I'll change now.
Also, the training course that Vertex offers... I was wondering if it is worth it to attend. Has anybody been there and what did you think of it?

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Jim Rogerson
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the list Jim. I'm actually from Mississauga (Clarkson) and I've
just done the City of Guelph Go-Live of Financials (Jan 1st). We use Vertex
2.3.1 for Payroll but not the Sales and Use Tax. Vertex works fine for
Canadian Payroll for pretty much everything - once you get it installed.
However, the install is prety simple with no real tricks. We don't need
Geocode info in Canada but you can still upload the info. Check out the
following document on the Knowledge Garden for Canada: OHR-00-0030. As for
the training course for Vertex, well this is the first I've heard of any
training course so the answer is no, I didn't go. Sorry but I don't know
about the Sales and Use Tax but I hope this is a start.

Colin Dawes

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