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Vertex Q 2.9.2


I got an email from Vertex letting me know that Vertex 2.9.2 has been released. I just finished installing 2.9.1 and JK14835, and now there's 2.9.2 and JK14922! Can anyone provide any advice or best practices for the combination of Vertex and JDE updates? Should they be applied right away when they are released? Is there typically an ESU released for every Vertex program update? Realize I'm talking about program updates, not the monthly data updates that get applied to the Vertex database.

Sorry there's so many questions in here, this is my first Vertex experience and I automatically turn to my favorite resource!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Matt,

Generally, we try to delay the Vertex program upgrade as long as possible. We will only upgrade when an ESU requires the newer release or if something in the Vertex upgrade impacts one of the states we do business in or has a federal change. I was also notified that 2.9.2 is now available and I'll check the change documentation to see if I need that upgrade. Usually Oracle doesn't certify the new Vertex release right away either so that is another reason to wait. The new SAR's in ESU JK14922 don't have anything related to Vertex 2.9.2 so unless you need something else in that ESU, you can wait on that also. I also just applied JK14835 and will now need to apply the new ESU because I do need something that is in it. I have only worked with Vertex for the past year so it's still new to me also, but that is what I've found so far.



Hi, Matt

I have been stung before by applying Vertex program updates too soon. One of them had a bug for our platform (iSeries) and I had to install the older version to get payroll out. That's not a good feeling. Now I don't upgrade the program until it's required in order to load the latest data update.

There's not always an ESU required for Vertex program updates, thank goodness.