Vertex problem with B7331 SP7 to SP11.3 upgrade.

We recently applied SP11.3 to our B733.1 release of OneWorld.
One of the problem we have encountered is related to the full server
package build. When I build and Deploy the full server package
Vertex and Mdlink programs have communication problems with
our enterprise AS/400 (V4R3). The work around that I have is to
build and deploy an update package with business functions used
by the two applications right after building and deploying a successful
full parent package. I did not have to do this with SP7.0 applied.

When I do a WRKOBJPDM on CALLBSFN srvpgm in the full parent and
look at procedure exports (5 of 10) I am missing 565 exported procedures!
when I look at the callbsfn.sts stream file in the IFS structure there are
no errors related to the two applications. When I build and deploy the update
server package that contains BSFN's for Vertex and the Mdlink application
the number of exported procedure jumps to 846 and the two applications
start to work again.

It appears that things are being compiled out of sequence and are fixed
when we recompile applications based on a new full parent. Does anyone
have any idea what might be causing this problem?

Todd Passenheim
American Medical Systems
[email protected]
Phone: 952-930-6294

B7331 SP11.3
AS/400 V4R3
SQL 7.0