Vertex on NT Enterprise Server


Has anyone run into issues with running Vertex on NT Enterprise Server? We
are unable to establish even Geocoder connectivity from oneworld client when
Vertex is installed on NT Server. We followed relevant installation
instructions for Vertex interface with B7331 (Vertex related 4 BSFN's are
mapped to run on server, vertex utils path is defined properly on server,
database connection info shows right path on server for vertex install). It
works fine when Vertex is installed on fat client.


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You must bounce JDE services on the AS/400 after making any changes from the Vertex menu. This should solve the problem of getting the application P73GEO to work successfully. Also, if you are not on Service pack 14.2 you may have issues with it running properly.


ES - AS/400
Deployment - NT
Citrix WTS
Xe 14.1